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From switchgear to systems. User interfaces and switching devices

At 57, steute is not nearly as old as elektrotechnik, but it is able to look back at over five decades of electrical and automation technology. The company is currently in the middle of a transformation from a switchgear manufacturer to a systems provider.

Source: elektrotechnik (07/08-2018)
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"Digitalisation requires agility and close customer contact". From a manufacturer of components to a provider of systems and network solutions

Numerous automation experts have shifted in the last few years from component manufacturers to solution providers. In order to visualise its own development in this direction, steute has changed its company name. Managing Director Marc Stanesby explains why this change was necessary and why customers can only profit from this increased skills set.

Source: messtec drives Automation (09/2018)
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A logical changeover. From a provider of components to a provider of systems and network solutions

Digitalisation means that manufacturers of components are expanding their portfolio to provide their customers with systems and network solutions, which usually entails increased engineering effort. For steute, this changeover is clearly reflected in its new company name. In an interview with GIT SICHERHEIT, Managing Director Marc Stanesby explains the reasons behind the changeover.

Source: GIT Sicherheit + Management (09/2018)
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From switchgear to integrated solutions

Since 1961, the Löhne switches and sensors provider has been operating under the name of steute Schaltgeräte GmbH & Co. KG. Digital transformation has resulted in its products becoming more intelligent, the performance of its wireless system more efficient, and its integration options more comprehensive. This in turn has led to a much broader range of products and services, including systemic solutions. To reflect this development, the company has decided, with effect from this Autumn, to change its name to: steute Technologies GmbH & Co. KG.

Source: open automation (1-2/2018)
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Profile successfully refined

Just over five years ago, steute reorganised its structure to be more in keeping with future requirements. The international marketplace has since witnessed the switchgear specialists operating with four separate business units. And very successfully, as Managing Director Marc Stanesby reports in an exclusive interview.

Source: open automation (1-2/16)
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