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Interfaces for the interoperable OR

With the dynamic integration of devices in the "interoperable OR", new interface generations are emerging

Source: meditronic-journal (1/2019)
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New low-energy wireless technology - Wireless foot controls

A new series of battery-driven foot controls uses the latest generation of a wireless technology developed especially for medical equipment. Its power consumption is low, meaning that conventional and not rechargeable batteries can be used.<br/><br/>Source: medizin & technik (06/2018)
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Completely cable-free: approved user interfaces for the OR

The amount of documentation required in the development of medical equipment is steadily increasing. This is also true of wireless technologies for communication between medical devices and their controls. steute Meditec can assist customers with mandatory tests and documentation.<br/><br/>Source: DeviceMed (5/2018)
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A standard for intuitive operation

The steute Schaltgeräte company has developed a new foot control particularly suited to niche medical applications. Guido Becker, Product Manager Meditec at steute Schaltgeräte GmbH & Co. KG, explained the features of these newly developed interfaces to our editorial team.

Source: MEDengineering (07/2017)
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Foot control for function selection, voice control for device selection

Controls for medical equipment: at the Medica, steute Meditec will be presenting a demonstrator for the interoperable OR. The fair will also witness the premiere of a new, modular foot control system.

Source: medizin&technik (06/2017)
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